Smart Homes

Smart Home

Bring Life to Connecting Devices via iM2M communication technology

Tebi Technologies have expert resources with vast experience in developing M2M solutions. Smart Home solution will allow you to control everything from your switch or from your phone located centrally.

In today’s environment at home you will find many electronic devices, systems and electrical appliances each of them controlled by it’s own switch or remote control or motion detector. What if user can control all electronic devices, systems and electrical appliances from a single switch or remote control or from mobile phone? We can make it reality for you by making communication between devices, systems and appliances. We will make your life hassle free and convenient by using intelligent Machine-to –Machine (iM2M) communication technology.

Benefits of Smart Home:
 Home Security
 Central Control of your home
 Remote access control & connectivity
 Save time & effort

Our capabilities on M2M and IoT includes component like field data integration, application development service based on cloud based architecture and flexible API support.

 Consulting and Design services for digital living elements
 Development of M2M Middleware and Firmware
 Gateway development
 Machine to Machine connectivity and data acquisition
 Development of Sensor based applications
 Provides MQTT and XMPP compliance interface to cloud
 Remote monitoring applications
 AMR/AMI solutions
 Smartphone connectivity
 Customized application development for Apple, Android and Windows platforms

Tebi Technologies offers you design services to meet challenges of M2M / IoT solution development. Our vast experience and knowledge in product engineering makes us to serve all your technology needs;right from rapid prototyping to PoC to taking it to production.

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