Googling for a App Development Company

Being a business owner, one is always kin to promote his business and gain exposure around the globe. One great way to promote your business is to create a mobile app. A tech expert reports say that “there will be more than 280 billion app download this year and users spend 70 percent time of their time on mobile apps”. Now if you are planning to make your presence on mobile apps, you will think first to google and find out the right mobile application development company for your need.

If you or your company is not tech-savvy or do not have developers, then you should surely go for external agency or app development company. Creating an app for your business will be of great benefit in building brand awareness and encourage interaction with your current and prospect customers. A custom mobile app development company can be a lifesaver for organizations who are looking to create its own mobile apps.

While choosing the mobile app development company below points should be considered.

Work Samples – Live Mobile Apps

Always ask for work samples or links to Live Mobile Apps. Using the live mobile apps you can see what types of apps they have built. Also you can see the reviews/ratings on live apps and this will help you in making decision whether the users are satisfied with functionality of an app or not. Live apps will let you know about the quality and performance of an app.

Ask about the cost involved in developing mobile app

Before starting the project work make sure you know the cost involved in the development work, starting from scratch till deployment. Always ask the company to sign the NDA and agree on the cost for the project before starting the work. Also compare the cost with other companies so that they are not charging you high as compared to others. Though keeping cost in mind, you should never compromise with quality of work.

Ask for client references

Asking for client references and verifying is a main key when it comes to hire the mobile app development company India. Try to get three to four contact information of former clients from the company and then ask the clients about their work experience with the respective agency. This way you will ensure that you will going with right company and will end up with great app.

Development Process and Communication with developers

App development companies have technical teams and developers that are specialized in building apps for different platforms. In the development process, you would like to know about what’s happening with your work or how much work has been done. You will need updates or you might need to make change in requirement in between development work. For this, you should ask the development company about their working methodology and work process. Ask the agency to assign dedicated developer or team lead for dedicated communication and bi-weekly online meetings. This will help to ease strain and concerns during the building of an app.

How testing of app is done

You should ask the development company about their testing process and how they plan to test the app once they are done with building. Ask them about the plan for fixing of bugs and how soon they will complete the whole testing process. Testing of an app is important and you should ensure that any bugs within an app are removed before making an app live to public.

Work on milestone basis

It is recommended that you should always work on milestone basis. Before you agree on proposal, make sure that project requirement is divided into small modules. Each module should be given milestone number along with time and cost to complete that milestone. Using milestone process you will have benefit to check the what all functionalities have been covered and whether these functionalities are working or not. Also, you will be able to make changes within any modules without impacting full development process.

Payment terms

Before hiring the development company, you should know the full cost that you will have to pay as on agreed milestone basis. Payment terms should be written and agreed during proposal phase. Every company has different payment terms, therefore you should know in prior that how, when and what amount you will pay. Some companies charge on hourly basis, some on fixed price and some on monthly/weekly basis.

If you are planning to hire an agency, do research before you make contract with them. As a full service mobile application development company India, Tebi Technologies works on entire lifecycle of product engineering starting from ideation till deployment and maintenance. Our agile development methodology gives you control over scope and reduces your risk.

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