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A growing number of users are using mobile as primary device for accessing the internet — over a quarter of users interact with smartphones more than any other object or human being. Generic marketing of product are now things of past, today all marketing campaigns have a personal touch in them. Nowadays customized and tailored marketing is done for every individual customer. Mobile app development company helps you to engage and re-engage customers with mobile apps.

In this competitive environment customer retention and keep them engaged is important. Experts believe that it is more important to gain the loyalty of the long-term customer than keep on hankering for the new and casual ones. It might surprise you to learn that the average smartphone in the US receives 46 push notifications every day.

 What is Push Notifications?

Push notification is one of the most popular tool in organizations for marketing. A push notification is a text or rich media message, sent to a mobile device from third-party applications once the user opts in to receive them. Push notifications are a speedy and dynamic way to connect with your audience. At certain touchpoints Push notifications can help you to attract more customers. Push Notifications allow users to send real-time updates and suggestions that will make your audience to regularly know about latest trends of your brand even if they’re not aware of it.

Push notification makes it easy to carry out the marketing in a personalized manner. Also, the message is delivered right on to the home screen of the user gaining all the attention of the user irrespective of the mobile phone usage. The trick of providing the right content at the right time to the right person can be successfully implemented with push notifications.

How does Push Notifications work?

When a mobile application is downloaded onto a device, a message pop-ups that must be accepted or denied. That popup requests permission to send alerts and notifications directly to the home screen of the phone.

Users who receive push notifications still have an opportunity to ignore the message but if the message grabs the user’s attention, they might re-engage with the app and accomplish your conversion goal. However, organizations should be careful about content and frequency of push notifications send to target audience. Push notification in the hands of naïve marketers can do more harm than good. Irritating messages would make the customer to uninstall the app.

Benefits of Push Notifications

  • Encourage User Engagement
  • Re-engage / Retain Users
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Track User Behavior
  • Enhance Brand Compactness
  • Direct Access to Audience

Best practices for creating top-performing push campaigns

  • Creative Notifications
  • Message Length
  • Right words with power words
  • Push Notification action buttons
  • Rich Push Notifications
  • Frequency capping
  • Powerful and deep linking

 Push Notifications that users love to read

  • Notifications that get people excited about something
  • Notifications that alert people to what matters to them
  • Notifications that know where its users are – locations based
  • Notifications that makes life easier
  • Notifications that encourages users

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