Commonly asked questions in App Development

As a business strategy, every organization have top priority to make their product or services available handy for customers on Apps. A detailed research and strategic planning is required before entering the apps market. At the beginning of process, there are number of questions that pop-up. As a mobile app development company, we will help in guiding the decision making process and drive the relevant mobile strategy in achieving goals.

How to choose best development company?

Before selecting any organization to develop your app it is very important to focus on their services. Are they mobile application development company or just offering the app development services as a supplementary service. You should ask them about their development methodology, whether following agile development methodology or not.

Focus more on product development strategy, expertise on UX/UI design, technical capabilities on different platforms. While evaluating, it is important to look at their work portfolio along with relevant case studies and customer reviews. You can also ask for referrals of customers and verify with them whether development company met their expectations.

What will be the cost to develop a app?

The cost to develop an app depends on many factors like project size, technical complexity, price of vendor, number of resources needed to build. Apps can vary significantly in terms of size and complexity. The bigger the app is, the more work required to develop it. The scope of a project is always larger when you require more features and functionality, which affects cost.

On an average small apps will typically range from $25,000 to $90,000. Medium Sized apps will run from $100,00 to 250,000 and large-scale apps will cost upwards of $250,000. In today’s scenario it’s impossible to overlook mobile and before starting an app development project, you need to have scrutiny to what type of product you’re building, how you will maintain that product and how you will drive revenue.

Outsource the app development or not?

While making a strategy to build app, many companies consider whether they should outsource the development work or build the app inhouse. Outsourcing the development work will give an advantage because the app development company comes with experience, expertise, early adoption of new technologies and trends.

As the demand for apps is increasing year by year and internal IT teams may not be able to cope up with latest technologies and expertise. Also already running internal projects may not allow the company to develop the apps within time frame. Outsourcing the development will be the best option to ensure your project is prioritized and completed within timeframe along with quality work.

How will our app bring ROI?

How to generate a good stream of revenue without compromising the overall quality and user experience in your app? Before launching the app, you need to make strategy how your app will give returns. Below are few strategies that you can follow which will help you to get revenue.

  • Pay per download
  • In-app purchases
  • Subscription
  • Advertising based
  • Freemium

How to validate a App concept?

Proof of Concept (POC), Prototype or a Minimum Viable Product are the three main ways to validate an app idea. These three approaches are quick and cost-effective ways of validating a product. Apart from validating, it offers an added benefit like bringing out new ideas and areas for improvement.

If you want to enhance your product launch and increase the likelihood of product success, using any these techniques will help you avoid common mistakes, from faulty features to an app that has no space in the market to begin with.

As a full service custom mobile app development company, Tebi Technologies works on entire lifecycle of product development from Planning and Strategy, UX/UI Design, App Development, QA/User Acceptance Testing till Technical Delivery. We use agile development process that gives you control over scope and reduces your risk.

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