2019 Trends in App Development Companies

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At present scenario, more than 75 percent people are using smart phones. Out of these 70 percent, chances are that 10 percent people have more than one smart phone. Owing to the individual comfort towards smart phones, people uses the apps for a significant part of the day.

Smart phones are now dominating the world. Because of the dominance of smart phones, every business is targeting to make their presence on smart phones via apps.

Needless to mention that in past few years, we have seen new varieties across different industries hitting the market and gaining height as well. 2019 will be the year for apps with better and more interesting features.

Below are the trends for 2019 towards which mobile app development company will majorly focus.

1. Rise of AI based apps

Artificial Intelligence has already shown its presence with great impact in the market and has radicalized the ways the world operated today. AI has made strong presence in healthcare, Biomedical science, Entertainment and Transportation.

AI is all set to enter the market and is highly discussed trend in App industry. We can already see that AI has put his legs in the industry with various app products launched like Siri, Alexa. Streaming sites are using AI to recommend shows, games, songs, etc. based on a user’s search history. Even the companies have started using AI and analytics to predict a movie’s box office potential and changing the shape of entertainment industry.

You must be assured that in 2019, AI will vastly be incorporated in apps and the possibilities of usage is endless. AI can be used by any industry for any purpose for example, face recognition, vehicle recognition and many more. You should prepare yourself for AI wave that is going to occupy app development industry.

2. Focus on Enterprise apps

As we have seen the usage of smart phones is increasing day by day, companies will use enterprise apps to share real-time data in the palm of your hands.

A survey done in America, Europe and APAC region, predicts that by 2020, 55 percent of all global companies from various industries will ask their employees to use 8 enterprise apps.

Also, the low cost and newer technology innovations has led companies opt for enterprise apps making work easier and smoother for their staffs. Demand for enterprise mobile application development company will be high in coming year.

For a business to be successful, employees need to be always connected so that they can complete their jobs on time by staying in touch with the clients. Enterprise Apps can help you streamline your business processes, such as recruitment and sales and enhance overall operational efficiency.

3. IoT and Wearable Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) has expanded so much in the market that it has taken place in every aspect of human lives.

IoT has made people to start building smart cities for themselves on the basis of constant connectivity across different devices. Now more and more mobile application development company have started rolling out apps based on IoT. This trend will increase more in 2019.

Another trend in mobile industry will be for smart watches. Already Apple and Google came out with their smartwatches. Now in 2019 more companies will come up with varieties of wearable products. Companies will build wearable devices for healthcare, sport industry as one of the target segments. This is especially relevant for healthcare in which an app wore on the body can monitor vitals and recommend appropriate action.

4. Cloud based apps

With the presence of high volume of data on smart phones that a user downloads from web or store data in the form of pictures, videos, audio this all adds up the number of files to be stored on smart phone memory storage. Data is getting more and more while the storage space is less. Because storing the data is becoming challenge so the cloud storage has started prevailing in app development.

Major big tech companies have already started investing in cloud-based technology and connecting their data to get it migrated to secure cloud servers. Companies are using the cloud server for their business apps giving more powers to customers to upload/download the data in/from cloud servers.

In 2019, majorly 60 percent companies will start using cloud servers for their storage and mobile traffic would increase vastly.

5. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Though till now AR and VR were majorly limited to and used for entertainment and gaming industry only. But now companies have started using it for other industries like engineering, real estate and healthcare.

VR can be used to show 3D vision of your product with the help technology and photography. AR can be used to create visual graphics that will enhance user experience.

Technology giants like Apple and Google have started researching more on their AR and VR support platforms. This shows that AR and VR app development trend will surely dominate the future app development market.

6. Digital Wallets

The trend moving towards cashless market is getting high and high. Life is getting easier as you do not have to carry hard cash in your pockets.

Security and ease of using mobile payments have made the usage of apps like PayPal, GPay, Stripe to grow and it will increase in coming years. Though security is important as money handling is involved. So companies are coming with their secured products in the market.

We would see more apps that will float in coming year. Surely Digital Wallets will be one of the trends in 2019.

The latest and upcoming trends highlighted above takes us to a very important point, i.e., creating user-specific apps. Get started with the digital transformation journey of your business with Tebi Technologies and create stunning apps specific to your custom workflows.

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