Top Notch Tools for Mobile App Designers – Mobile Application Development

If you are designing an app for first time, you definitely need some guidance on which tool you should use to design a mobile application.

With so many options available in the market, you need different tools for different phases of design process. Some of phases for design process includes:

  • Planning
  • Interacting with developer
  • Sharing thoughts with designers
  • Create animations
  • Wireframing
  • Building Prototypes

With many tools available in the market, we are sharing top notch tools that you should use for designing apps.

Let’s have a look on top notch tools for designing apps.

1.UI Stencils
UI Stencils is one of the best tools for drafting early sketches of your design.

It is available in Kit made of stainless steel, along with a booklet of sketch pads and a small carrying case. UI Stencils are available in different design sizes for different device specifications. This will help you to design a draft for various iPhones, Android and tablet devices.

Stencils have the most common icons needed for drafting. It helps you in getting general idea of the size of design and how the design will fit on screen.

UI stencils is ideal for brainstorming in the early stage when you are working with your team members. Also with the help of stencils you can stick a sketch on a board for teamwork and getting feedbacks.

MindNode is used to build relationship maps. It is one of the best tools to stay organized and prioritize the tasks when you work on a design.
The interface and platform is very simple. It allows you to set reminders and deadlines on the platform to keep you on track and complete the task on time. MindNode has different style options and layouts you can start with.

MindNode interesting feature is that their cloud software allows you to share your project with other team and tackle it with team collaboration.

Photoshop is a top demanded tool and extensively used by most all designers. It has improved a lot over the years with more features added to it. It can be used for bitmap manipulation.
This tool can be used by anyone whether they are artist or mobile app designer. This tool comes up with many features like:

  • Texture
  • Layering
  • Lighting
  • Blurring

Photoshop is a must if you want to ranked on top as a mobile app designer.

One of the best use of Marvel is for prototyping. It will help to link all your design elements together in one place. This tool is ideal for people who design apps with multiple screens.

Marvel platform is ideal for designing an app for Apple store. The prototypes are compatible with:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Macbook laptops and desktops

This tool can also be used for creating prototypes for Android devices. So, making it compatible for both Android and IOS App development.

5. Iconjar
As the name says, this tool allows you to store and organize all your icons at one place.

Iconjar removes the problem of designers who search for something that is on your computer but unable to find when it is needed.

This tool is specifically designed to organize so that you don’t have to look after your icons again and again.

6.Pen and notepad
Yes you read it right – Pen and notepad. Never under estimate the modesty of simple things.

If you have an idea then you need not have to run for laptop or phone or tablet. Simple take your pen and notepad and sketch down your ideas.

Always carry a pen and notepad. You never know when you will have to jot your thoughts and start sketching. It always recommended to use a pen and paper before you start design on your software.

Pen and notepad gives you a great chance to collect your ideas and organize them so that it gives you a better idea of what you need out of your design work.

If you are looking to design apps that has complex animations and interface, then Principle is the right choice.

Though there are many tools for creating basic animations but for complex animation Principle is recommended. This tool also allows you to design an app that has multiple screens.

8.Adobe XD
This tool is basically used for prototyping and wireframing. Though it comes with many other features.

It is compatible for both Android and IOS platform adding an advantage to design an for either operating system.
As the name indicates, this tool specializes in helping designers prototype different templates.

Also it allows you to design custom animations and sync it with your Google drive or Dropbox account for importing and sharing your work.

The tool can be used as a 15 day trial for free without sharing the credit card details. So you can take a shot of using it once.

10. Origami Studio
Origami Studio is an interface design tool.

This tool was developed by Facebook developers, so you can be sure of quality and performance. These developers used this tool to design Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

The awesome point here is that it is FREE!!!

It has many functionalities and available for both Android and IOS platform.

11. HotGloo
This tool is on top choices for building prototypes of your design.

Being a web-based tool, it can be used from anywhere. You don’t have to be dependent on your laptop or tablet.

It has great features for wireframing as well. This tool is good for designers who are always in motion and need flexibility to work from any device.

12. JustInMind
If you are looking for a tool with all in one feature then JustInMind is good option.

This tool can be used nearly in every phase of design like prototyping, wireframing.

Also it can be used for:

  • Adding HTML
  • Documents
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Online widgets

13. Invision
Invision takes your design to the next level of your imagination.

This tool converts your static prototype into a clickable prototype. This feature is not available easily in other tools and that’s why it is different from others.

You can upload design files and design custom animations. Also it allows you to create gestures and manage workflow so that all your tasks get completed on time.

14. UXPin
UXPin lets you create UX without writing any code.
You have to just use your designs from Sketch and Photoshop by importing them, and they are compatible with UXPin.
This tool also allows to create workflows and wireframes.

15. OmniGraffle
OmniGraffle offer many features in it like building app flow chart, change the canvas size, layer artboards and many more.

It can be used with both JavaScript and AppleScript. It also converts text to images and set keyboard shortcuts.
This tool is made basically for Mac users who are sketching designs for IOS apps.

What we conclude is that “to be successful you have to get hands on right tools” as per your need. You might be creative and talented enough but if you are not using the right tool then it would be tough for you to get the most out of your designs.

There are many other tools in the market, but I have tried to share some of the best so that life of designers become easier.
If you think I missed some other best tools, you can share it.

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