Mcommerce – Apps as a major boost for growth in Retail Industry

No one in the past have ever thought of having a App for their retail market. Since it involves cost and dedicated resources to be involved in Mobile App Development and upgradation of new features. Also, it was thinking that presence of retail store physically does not require to be online on apps.

Does this thinking of retail markets remain the same?

The answer is No.

The tough competition and rapidly growing retail industry need to make their presence in every human’s mind and on their smart phones. Nowadays every customer walking inside the retails store had a smartphone and before buying any product they gather more information about the product they are going to buy it. 7 out of 10 customers prefer to get more information about the product on their smart phones, while they are still in retails store.

Recent report on retail states that 62% of smart phone users open-up the website or app while shopping in-store. This pushes the need of retail market to have their retail apps otherwise you might be losing customers to your competitors.

Holding back the customers till they buy your product

Solution to hold back customers is to have presence on apps and websites. Websites should be easily accessible and user friendly from smart phones so that it is easy for customers to access the information they are looking for.

Now retail stores should come up with their Apps and mobile websites to engage more customers.

In today’s growing market customer prefer retail stores where they find:

  • Information about product on smart phones
  • Availability status of product
  • Estimated delivery date if the product is not available for pick-up
  • Smart phone enables payment options like Paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay

Offer coupons and cashback

In the fast-paced connected world, when a product is available at other stores also then how to bring customer back to your retail store and make them buy your product again.

A simple and interesting answer to this is to offer direct discounts on products in retail store or provide mobile coupons or cashback which can be redeemed during check-out counter.

“35% of shoppers search for an online coupon on their mobile phones before visiting any store.”

Offering discounts, coupons or cashback is less expensive as compared to traditional marketing method like advertisement or sign boards.

Use Geolocative Technology to reach in personal

Geolocative Technology tracks the location of a customer within the area of store and try to figure out what they might be interested in. This way you will be able to make push notifications to the customers with custom discount coupons via your apps.

Using this technology, retailers will be able to set up virtual fence around the retail store to identify customer who had already done shopping in the past. This way retailers can reach out to customers with push notifications and relevant marketing messages.

Apps streamline the Check-out process for Retail Business

Mobile technology is a great booster for retail industry and it help retailers to get into a more neighborly relationship with customers.

Physically visiting a store and waiting in long queues to make payment is annoying. Retailers are losing customers as well as money due to long queues because customers abandon their purchases. In US many of the retail stores have started giving the customer option to do post purchase pickup after buying the products through online websites or apps.

The latest mobile technology has gone to advanced level giving many options to customers for paying either through “Scan & Go” payment apps, Mobile Credit Card readers within the store to disperse the queues. Mobile friendly payment gives an advantage to retailers also i.e. retailers will record the information of customers and will add them to their marketing list to push coming notifications for sales discounts and offers.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are retailer and looking for implementing advanced mobile retail technology that would improve your business ROI. Let us know your requirement.

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