Things you should know before you go live on Mobile App

Mobile app development is indeed an investment. Getting users isn’t cheap and breaking into the mobile market is a repetitive process that requires in-depth research, planning and unbeatable dedication. Finding success in the mobile market is not an easy task. But the truth is, having a mobile presence is non-negotiable today.

Before you go for app development, it is important to be familiar with the mobile ecosystem. Only then you can take decision about what mobile strategy best suits your needs.

Following are some of the mobile stats that you should better know before you enter the market.


  1. By 2022 there will be more than 7 billion mobile users.
  2. More than 150 billion mobile apps got downloaded in 2018.
  3. On an average, users are spending around 3.5 hours a day on smart phone.
  4. Users check their smart phone more than 50 times a day.
  5. 40 percent users check their smart phone before going to sleep and after waking up in the morning.
  6. Digital media usage is getting higher on mobile apps as compared to desktop.
  7. Youngsters of age between 17 to 25 are the ones who uses the apps 30 percent more than users of higher age.

From above points it’s clear that people are getting dependent on smart phones. As the dependency is increasing day by day, it is very important to select business model that matches target audiences.

Key Performance

When it comes to performance, users need highly exceptional standards functionality wise. Every user looks for fast, responsive and rich look user experience.

Apps should be build considering all aspects that it should support every operating system. Before going live apps should be thoroughly tested.

Factors like load time, crash, bugs, complicated registration fields, invaluable will add to poor user experience and will ruin the chances of success in market.


Before launching the mobile products, it is very important to prepare a marketing plan. Even the established companies are having hard time to get momentum in the mobile app market. Marketing plan should always be up to date as per market requirement.

As a market strategy, organizations are spending more at ads platform on google play and apple store. In 2018, US accounted more than 60 percent expenditure on digital ads.

As the mobile app market is evolving rapidly, organizations should think beyond established tactics, channels to reach their target audiences and should meet the expectations of customers.

Future Predictions

  1. More than 70 percent teenagers will start using smart phones.
  2. Female users who will use apps for online shopping will be higher as compared to male users.
  3. Getting users will be easy but to convert users to buy your product will make your cost high.
  4. Market share for mobile games will grow rapidly up to 55 percent.
  5. Consumers will spend more on live streaming apps to get entertained.
  6. On an average user will spend 15 minutes of every hour on live streaming video on mobile apps.
  7. On an average more than 50 percent apps will make up in the market via in-app advertising.

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